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Mondavi Center Advisory Board

The Mondavi Center Advisory Board is a university support group, whose primary purpose is to provide assistance to the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, UC Davis, and its resident users, the academic departments of Music, Theatre and Dance, and the presenting program of Mondavi Center, through fundraising, public outreach, and other support for the mission of UC Davis and Mondavi Center.


Joe Tupin, Chair
John Crowe, Immediate Past Chair


Camille Chan
Michael Chapman
Lois Crowe
Cecilia Delury
Patti Donlon
Mary Lou Flint
Anne Gray
Vince Jacobs
Karen Karnopp

Nancy Lawrence
Garry Maisel
Stephen Meyer
Randy Reynoso
Grace Rosenquist
John Rosenquist
Joan Stone
Tony Stone
Larry Vanderhoef

Honorary Members

Margrit Mondavi
Barbara K. Jackson

Ex Officio

Linda P.B. Katehi — Chancellor, UC Davis
Ralph J. Hexter — Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, UC Davis
Jo Anne Boorkman — President, Friends of Mondavi Center
Jessie Ann Owens — Dean, Division of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies, College of Letters & Sciences, UC Davis
Don Roth — Executive Director, Mondavi Center
Lee Miller— Chair, Arts & Lectures Administrative Advisory Committee